GAZOL BPK Biocide Diesel additive 500ml

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The biocide fuel additive GAZOL BPK® is used to protect diesel fuel and technical products from the growth of harmful organisms (bacteria, yeast and spores).

Biocidal fluid,
– Stops and prevents the formation of micro-biological sludge in diesel fuel tanks.
– Protects against clogging of filters, damage to fuel systems and corrosion.
– Stable at high to low temperatures.
– Intended for disinfection of all gas oil storage tanks.

Active substance 99% 3,3′-methyleneebis [5-methyloxazolidine]
The active substance is soluble in water and diesel fuel
Effective against bacteria, yeasts and molds
Does not contain heavy metals
Does not contain sulfur
Halogen-free (Germany: Federal Emission Control Act) does not crystallize below -43 ° C, clear liquid (easily pumped), BPR approved (European Union Biocidal Products Regulation).

Use of fuel biocide additives GAZOL BPK®:
Impact dose for sanitary purposes:
– In the case of microbiological contamination causing turbidity, sedimentation, technical problems (clogging of filters, etc.), the impact dose is 0.40-0.80 l / 1000 l of diesel (400-800 ppm).
-Continuous dose for prevention: in case of microbiological contamination: 0.16-0.40 l / 1000 l of diesel (160-400 ppm).
– Prevention: For prophylactic purposes, add 0.04-0.16 l GAZOL BPK® / 1000 l diesel (40-160 ppm) each time the tank is filled.

The effect on the fuel depends on the concentration of the fuel biocide additive:
– 1000 ppm: 12 hours
– 500ppm: 12-18 hours
– 200 ppm: 24 to 30 hours
– 50ppm: 48 hours

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GAZOL BPK Biocide Diesel additive 1L

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