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AdBlue EVO 1000 L, CrossChem

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1000 L, IBC container included in price.

AdBlue ® EVO is a ready-to-use solution that helps prevent deposits from forming in your vehicle's SCR system. Designed for use in low engine load and frequent start and stop situations, it is suitable for all vehicles equipped with SCR catalysts. Based on 32.5% urea solution (AdBlue ®), AdBlue ® EVO complies with ISO 22241-1:2019 standard specifications.

The product helps reduce your vehicle's downtime and maintenance costs for low engine load vehicles or in frequent start and stop mode


Prevention of sediment crystallisation

Some vehicles have encountered the formation of urea deposits occurring in the SCR system. This occurs when driving SCR-equipped vehicles in daily mode with low load and low average speed, much idling and with high stop/start in traffic congestion.

These conditions are mostly difficult for SCR systems because of their design diversity, and especially in cold, below-zero conditions. If the exhaust temperature is low, the SCR catalyst system may present an increased risk of deposition accumulation, which may result in blockages and permanent damage to the system. This can lead to higher fuel consumption, additional service and vehicle downtime.


Low concentrations (< 0.1%) of surfactants have been added to AdBlue ® EVO, which actively prevents sediment formation that does not adversely affect the SCR catalyst.


A specially selected surfactant added to standard AdBlue ® helps reduce the surface tension of the AdBlue ® solution.

The reduced surface tension of AdBlue ® EVO provides its droplets feature to cover a larger surface area on which it reaches compared to the same amount of standard AdBlue ® droplets.

Due to reduced surface tension, there is a phenomenon that these solutions can produce a finer spray mist from the nozzle.

Under the same conditions, with the same nozzle and equivalent amount, 1 ml of standard AdBlue ® gives 30 drops, while 1 ml of AdBlue ® EVO already has 48 drops, resulting in a significant improvement in SCR response. Finer droplets surround a larger catalyst area.

Due to the added surfactant, the crystallisation product is thinner and non-contagious.

• With AdBlue ® EVO, you can prevent the accumulation of urea deposits (cyanoic acid crystals) in the exhaust and at the SCR catalyst inlet.

• Reduced possible service costs and reduced vehicle downtime for more efficient operation.

• Ideal for vehicles with low engine loads or those operating in cold conditions: city buses, city partitions, trucks and other low engine load devices.

• AdBlue ® EVO is a great replacement for regular AdBlue ®.

• Compatible with any type of vehicle.

• Can be mixed with Standard AdBlue ®, it loses its properties if diluted.

• Guarantees optimal spraying, which provides a complete response to the catalyst even at lower temperatures.

• The product maintains and maintains the SCR system clean.


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