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CrossChem AUS Urea solution for agriculture 1000L

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About the product

What is Urea Solution for Agriculture?
Urea solution 32.5% is a liquid nitrogen mineral fertilizer intended for fertilizing arable crops. By spraying on straw or plant residues, it will facilitate the process of decomposition and decomposition, improving soil quality, health and supplementing it with the necessary minerals. The product stimulates leaf growth and photosynthesis. When the nitrogen level in the soil is low, but the plants need nitrogen in the main stages of growth, the appropriate solution will be the urea solution created by SIA "CrossChem" 32.5%. Total urea concentration - 32.5%; Total nitrogen (N) concentration - 15.1%. The nitrogen in the product is in the form of amides (N-NH2), which is a slow-acting form of nitrogen.

Where is urea solution used for agriculture?
The 32.5% urea solution can be used in different ways: by spraying on the foliage or by spraying the roots. This ensures that the plant receives nitrogen where it can be most easily used. The product is intended for fertilizing arable crops, crops and fruit trees, as well as spraying compost to speed up the decomposition process. Different application methods allow to reduce labor costs, as well as allow more efficient fertilization of crops or orchards. The product can be used with pesticides, insecticides or fungicides if the instructions for use of pesticides, insecticides or fungicides allow it. The product can be used together with other fertilizers and microelement mixtures by mixing them immediately before use. In the autumn after leaf fall or in the spring before budding, the diluted (4% - 5%) product can be used to control various plant diseases: Scabies, rot of apples and pears; common fruit rot or bitter rot, juniper rust pears.

What is the Chemical Element Nitrogen (N)?
Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient, and good yields are largely based on its availability. Although primarily responsible for vegetative growth, nitrogen is involved in many biological functions in plants, including amino acid, protein production, and chlorophyll synthesis. If the soil is deficient in nitrogen (N): Plants lag behind in growth; leaf color lighter, yellower; productivity decreases; interferes with the formation of protein in cereals. Excessive amounts of nitrogen (N) make crops less resistant, increase susceptibility to disease, the risk of wilting and thus reduce productivity.

What is the working principle of urea solution for agriculture?
A solution of urea, which enters the soil during the hydrolysis process, decomposes part of the product into carbon dioxide (CO2) and another part into ammonia (NH3), which evaporates into the air, and ammonium (NH4 +) -containing compounds. Ammonium-containing compounds are freely available to the plant. Some of the unabsorbed ammonium compounds are converted to nitrate (NO3-) -containing compounds during the nitrification process, which are also freely available to the plant. Thus, the product supplies the plant with nitrogen, with all the necessary forms of nitrogen, continuously and over a long period of time. It is important to remember that in dry weather, plants cannot absorb (N), even if it is in the soil. But rainy conditions, heavy rains can lead to (N) leaching, especially in light soils.

Where to buy urea solution for agriculture?
Urea solution for agriculture can be purchased at SIA "CrossChem" production plant - "Naftaluka", Olaines parish, Olaines county, LV-2127; Mob. + 371 26624000; E-mail: [email protected]; www.crosschem.lv. It is possible to deliver goods in Riga and Latvia.

How to store urea solution for agriculture?
The product should be stored at -6 ° C to 25 ° C in a clean, closed container or dispenser. The product can only be stored in high density polyethylene (HDPE); in polypropylene (PP) or stainless steel containers. Keep tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight. Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheets or ISO 22241 for information on suitable and compatible packaging materials.

Pourable, by filling in a tanker or in a customer's container that meets the quality requirements.


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