CrossChem Winter windshield washer fluid ETA -12°C 4L

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Winter windshield washer fluid ETA -12 °C is a premium class, ready to use product based on the highest quality ethanol. The product is especially suitable for the use in winter conditions. The product provides protection against freezing (up to -12 °C (inclusive)). Crystallization of the product begins below -12 °С.
ETA -12 °C quickly and effectively removes road dust, road salt, oil, mud and other dirt from the windshield and headlights. The product does not affect car paint, lacquered surfaces, plastic parts, chrome parts, other metal parts, rubber and wiper rubber. ETA -12 °C product provides good visibility even in the most difficult conditions. ETA -12 °C contains demineralized water, denatured ethanol, ethylene glycol, non ionic surfactant, “Bubble gum” fragrance, denatonium benzonate and dye.
Expiration validity – 3 years.
Gross weight – 4.01 kg.

Product volume4Weight (kg)4.01NET weight (kg)3.85

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