PIUSI "BATTERY KIT 3000" 12v Portable Diesel dispenser kit

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Battery KIT is a portable diesel fuel transfer kit. The diesel kit is equipped with a self-priming vane pump with a 12 or 24 V DC motor.
The kit is suitable for all conditions in which the user has to move and refill diesel in conditions where, for example, only the battery power supply is available.

The Battery Kit 3000 / 12V is a portable diesel dispenser kit.
The set includes:
– flexible hose 4m,
– manual dispensing gun.
– capacity up to 50 l / min.
– operates from a 12 V DC source.
Dimensions: Length 30cm, Width 30cm, Height 18cm. Weight 8 kg.

Weight (kg)8NET weight (kg)8

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